Are you or is a loved one facing the destruction caused by substance abuse? Millions of people face the battle of substance abuse every day, deciding the future of their lives with every action. This disease that has plagued the country for as long as one can remember has led to the great outpour of rehab centers, searching for a solution to this crisis. However, it is crucial that these facilities understand the dynamics of a drug addiction in order to effectively combat it. For instance, a 40-year-old man struggling with alcoholism for 9 years will need a different treatment approach than a 20-year-old woman who has been abusing alcohol for a few months. That is why Just One Recovery offers an eclectic approach to drug and alcohol abuse recovery.

Just One Recovery’s Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment

We focus our resources on treating adult men that are struggling with substance abuse, using a wide range of treatments that are personalized for each individual, ensuring the most effective and long-lasting recovery for every patient we encounter. No one is fighting the same battle, but we are here to support you in the way that is most suitable to your circumstance. We will meet where you are and get you where you want to be. We believe in transformation and building new lives from rock bottom. However, you do not need to be at rock bottom to reach out for help. The only way to deliver yourself from harm and to obtain long lasting recovery is to find a treatment program that understands your needs. You are never too lost, too broken, or too hopeless to change your story. Serving men and young adults, Just One Recovery is dedicated to treating you with dignity while providing a tailored treatment for your individual needs.

Inpatient & Residential Treatment

Inpatient treatment, often interchangeably referred to as residential treatment, offers patients a unique approach to recovery that other programs simply do not have the resources to offer.  During this type of rehab, the patient will be placed in substance-free housing along with fellow recovering addicts with a schedule intentionally structured towards supporting recovery and healthy lifestyle choices. Unlike other treatment programs, a residential rehab program grants the patient access to 24-hour care as they fight to overcome their addiction. It is not uncommon for co-occurring mental health issues to coincide with substance abuse, and residential rehab is centered towards getting to the root of these issues. Of these co-occurring issues, the most common we encounter include depression, anxiety, eating disorders, and self-harm. Residential treatment provides behavioral mental health treatments that help the patient to manage these varying disorders while combatting their substance abuse.

It is undeniable that residential treatment is more intensive than its outpatient counterpart, but for most patients, this increased intensity is exactly what they need to block out the distractions and focus solely on bettering their health all throughout. We find that residential rehab is a vital resource in developing relationships with fellow patients on the path to healing. It further protects the individual by giving them supervision during a critical time in their recovery.  Most importantly, it reminds you that you are not the only one struggling with addiction. We can all recover and encourage each other together. Just One Recovery will provide you with all the tools necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

It is going to require your determination and the help of others to get to a place of healing. Whether it is you or a loved one, we can be here to walk you along the road to recovery, every step of the way. Call us today at 714.538.8085 and we will get you through this hard-pressed time. If you are interested in more information on our Residential Treatment program, we encourage you to read further and explore our website. Nonetheless, we are only a phone call away to answer any of your inquiries.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehabilitation is a rigorous treatment for drug and alcohol addiction that directly follows the detoxification from an addictive substance. This type of treatment is provided by Just One Recovery to help the patient transition from detox to sober living as smoothly as possible, and only occurs after the thorough evaluation of the patient’s health and stability. It is expected that the patient will experience severe withdrawal symptoms, including cravings that could lead to a relapse. Thus, an inpatient treatment is directed towards relieving the patient of these symptoms and cravings to prevent further harm. They will be monitored by staff, around the clock, and made comfortable as much as possible so that they can focus on getting better. This type of treatment will often involve an extended stay of treatment, regardless of the substance that is being acknowledged. It is required that the patient stay at the facility for the full duration of their treatment. Inpatient rehab tends to be one of the most effective treatment programs for drug and alcohol addiction, although no one treatment is right for every individual. We will continually update and modify the treatment to best suit the patient’s needs.

What Is Residential Rehab?

Although the terms “inpatient rehab” and “residential rehab” are often used interchangeably, as they both aid in the transition from detox to physical and psychological recovery and require a full-time intensive program where the patient is dormed at a rehab facility, the major difference between the two is the duration of the program. Residential rehab tends to last for a few months while inpatient care is generally a few weeks. There also tends to be a slight difference in the intensity of care. Inpatient rehab is more focused on medical care and getting the patient on the path towards living a physically healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, residential rehab directs its efforts towards counseling and therapy to improve the patient’s overall mental health so that they are able to live a long-term sober life. Just One Recovery offers both programs, but a longer program tends to lead to more positive results for the majority of our patients. Overcoming drug addiction does not happen overnight. With the help of Just One recovery, we will get you on the right path towards securing yourself a better way of living.

Residential Treatment Vs. Outpatient Care

You might consider the option of seeking outpatient treatment rather than a residential treatment program, so let us breakdown the differences in each program. Residential treatment, to begin, is far more intensive than its outpatient counterpart, which is often a transition from residential treatment. Outpatient care does not require the patient to stay at a facility overnight but does require weekly check-ins to evaluate the patient’s progress. This allows the patient to continue to work and tend to their responsibilities at home while receiving treatment.

The concern with this kind of treatment is that it might not be beneficial for patients who are too early on in their recovery. Outpatient care does not help to mitigate outside triggers for relapse which are far more prominent early on in the recovery process. We generally recommend that the patient start out in a residential treatment program until they are ready to transition to outpatient care. With residential treatment, the patient is receiving the supervision they need to prevent a relapse from even being an option until the patient is strong enough to overcome such temptation.

What Are the Benefits of Residential Treatment Programs?

It is simply not feasible for an individual to overcome the struggles of a drug addiction on their own. It requires one to realize they need help. That is what a residential treatment program has to offer. Just One Recovery provides 24-hour supervision, phenomenal care, and the opportunity to access the support needed to aid in the recovery process. It can be helpful to have a change of scenery and a means to block out the distractions of everyday life. It is common for substance abusers to associate the location with the behavior, whether it be a particular bar or even person. Just One Recovery believes that by getting the person away from possible triggers, we are alleviating part of the struggle towards getting clean. Our center is located in sunny, southern California where the patient can relax and focus on their personal well-being, free from the distractions of everyday life. Likewise, accountability can go a long way in aiding recovery, and by going through the struggle to change one’s life alongside fellow recovering addicts, we hope that the individual will realize they are not alone and that there is a light on the other side of the battle.

Main Components of Just One Recovery’s Residential Drug Rehab Programs

When you decide to be a part of Just One Recovery’s residential treatment program, you are given access to all of the features we make available to those in recovery. Every individual is different, which is why we offer a wide variety of options to satisfy everyone’s needs. We will determine what we think is right for the persona and make changes as necessary through feedback and results. We are in the business of helping people help themselves. We will do whatever it takes to get you back on your feet again. Nonetheless, you can read up on the primary components of Just One Recovery’s Residential Treatment Plan.

Personalized Treatment

Just One Recovery realizes that every individual is fighting a unique battle that requires a unique treatment program. That is why we are devoted to providing a personalized path to recovery for every patient that goes through our rehabilitation center. This includes an ongoing review of treatment goals for the patient that requires continual modifications and minor tweaks to ensure that the patient is given every opportunity to recover in the most efficient and long-term manner for them. This also includes planning for the patient’s discharge and aftercare to provide as many safeguards as we can against relapse. We will thoroughly cover all the details of your treatment program to confirm that you are ready to proceed to getting the help that you need.

Medication Management

With this intense level of care, it is common for the patients to be taking different medications to relieve withdrawal symptoms or to address co-occurring mental health disorders. These medications are managed and administered as needed to remove the opportunity for medication abuse. Likewise, it can be arranged for the patient to meet with a psychiatrist to ensure that all medication treatment is updated and modified to maximize positive results.

Group Therapy

Just One Recovery is an advocate for seeking help alongside your peers. If you are struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders, it is likely that there is someone out there that is facing a similar struggle. We find that acknowledging the commonalities between us and our peers helps us to realize we are never alone in recovery. In this way, Group Therapy can be empowering and a further motivation to change your path. Some of these therapy options are recreational in nature, such as yoga and meditation. However, there are also more intimate forms of group therapy that include community meeting groups that cover topics such as: 12 step concepts, grief and loss, trauma survival, self-esteem, family past, anxiety, and depression amongst other areas of discussion. Having peers along your side will keep you accountable as you reach your goal of sober living. It is often revealed that being alone is the greatest temptation for substance users to relapse and being around others is a reputable solution to those urges.

Individual therapy

The previously mentioned topics in group therapy sessions can also be discussed in individual therapy sessions for a more private take on receiving help. Substance abuse can stem from deeper rooted problems that can be deciphered through with the help of a therapist or counselor. We find that if we can get to the core of the problem, it makes recovery that much clearer of a target because we have a better idea of what triggers are present and how to manage them. The center of all treatment is you. We will accommodate your circumstances and find a treatment that is the most reliable for you in your current situation.

Treatment for Co-Occurring Disorders

A co-occurring disorder is any issue that affects the patient’s mental health alongside a substance abuse disorder. The most commonly seen co-occurring disorders are depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, grief, bipolar disorders, and other forms of compulsive disorders. However, this can also include any event or experience that directly affects the patient’s personality or overall stability. Just One Recovery is equipped to manage these disorders while also providing effective treatment for substance abuse. Treating these disorders simultaneously often leads to a higher rate of success in the long-term for the patient.

Who Can Residential Drug Rehab Treatment Programs Help?

A residential treatment program is intended to treat patients that have successfully completed detoxification but are still in need of around the clock supervision for relapse and co-occurring disorders. Long-term and short-term substance abuse does not just go away immediately after getting clean. It is a conscious decision not to use every day for the rest for your life, and we want to equip you with the tools to make the right decision each day. Just One Recovery focuses our attention on adult males suffering from substance abuse, as the battle can vary greatly based on age and gender. We keep our focus on adult men in order to ensure that we are providing the best care possible for every patient we treat. We want to be a positive influence on your road to recovery.


You can call Just One Recovery today at no cost and it is 100% confidential. Our beautiful residential treatment center is located in sunny Orange, California and is open to all men over 18 years of age. Calling our treatment center is the first step to getting you or your loved one the help that you desperately need. Just One Recovery will answer all of your questions and concerns, informing you of everything your treatment program will consist of.

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