Are you or is someone you know struggling with the overwhelming battle of substance abuse? It can be humiliating to admit to a weakness but reaching out to receive help is the first step towards changing your life for good. No one is above the ability to fall to an addiction, and no one should condemn you for an illness that can be treated. Addictions only grow worse when the patient decides they do not need help to overcome their struggle. That is why Just One Recovery was founded. Our mission is to provide substance abuse treatment to families of all backgrounds that just want their loved ones to be safe, and getting treatment is the right first step forward. We believe in the transformation of lives, and that can be done today if you decide to take the first step towards recovery. 

Just One Recovery is an in-patient rehab facility for alcoholism, drug dependency, and other associated disorders located in the down town Orange, California area. We also offer out-patient treatments, medical detox, counseling, and much more to aid in the recovery process. Our facility is available to all men, 18 years of age and older, to ensure we can focus on providing the best care possible for every patient we treat. We offer an eclectic approach to treatment services, providing counseling, medical treatment, group therapy, sober living arrangements, behavioral therapy, faith-based recovery, and much more. Our care begins from the minute you set foot on our luxurious property where you will remain for the duration of your treatment. We custom tailor our treatment options to every individual we encounter and continually modify these arrangements to best suit the individual’s progress and ongoing needs. Our primary goal is to provide peace and the resources to overcome our client’s obstacles associated with addiction.


One on one counseling is conducted by the client's designated counselor. Depending on the length of treatment and level of care, counseling sessions may initially be scheduled several times a week. As with all aspects of our patient care, this is re-assessed continuously. While the client progresses through treatment, the frequency of sessions may be enhanced or reduced. We utilize our time in session to focus on the treatment problems and goals as outlined in the client's treatment plan. We take great care in individualizing this process for every patient to ensure they are receiving the best care for their specific needs.

Individual vs. Group Therapy

Unlike what you might assume, individual and group therapy options do not work against each other. In fact, they work in unison to provide a holistic approach to recovery with the support from others that you need. Effective treatment programs harness the skills acquired from both and prepare the patient for their transition into after care. Joining a therapy program will enable you to understand the strengths, weaknesses, and benefits of each type of program and guide you towards discovering what works best for your personal situation. Regardless of what therapy program you enroll in at Just One Recovery, you will gain a deeper understanding of addiction disease, increase your motivation to live a sober lifestyle, improve on coping mechanisms in high-stress situations, learn to manage your everyday and severe stress, create relationships with people who are experiencing the same struggles, build a stronger sense of self-worth and self-efficacy in battling your addiction, and discover the root of your addictive behaviors. Getting down to the bottom of your addiction can be a daunting prospect, but a trained therapist can ensure that the process is manageable by providing the patient with the proper tools and guidance to overcome addiction, whether in an individual or group setting. Just One Recovery’s individual therapy program will help you to answer the questions you did not know needed to be asked, and we will help you to prevent relapse in the future.


For a successful recovery, Just One Recovery integrates evidence-based treatments into all of our individual and group therapy programs. We have listed below our most widely utilized treatment options that work successfully on an individual level and with our group sessions. Every individual is different, and their treatment should best fit their personal needs. We will get you set up with a treatment option that we think will best suit you and continually modify it as you progress through the program. We only ask for your willingness and dedication to whatever program we decide is best for you.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing (MI), is a philosophy and series of treatment where the therapist works alongside the client in order to motivate them to get clean and sober on their own terms. MI emphasizes encouragement and nonjudgmental practices. Instead of enforcing rules and regulations, the therapist asks the patient to set the ground rules and encourages them to meet their own expectations. This method of treatment focuses in on making sobriety a personal choice that must be made every day. Most importantly, MI believes that drug addiction is a disease that can be overcome, rather than a moral failing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most widely recognized and researched drug addiction treatment in the United States. Hence the name, CBT focuses on overcoming the destructive behaviors associated with drug addiction. The therapist focuses their energy on identifying and removing negative thought patterns and replacing those thoughts with optimism for recovery. CBT was initially discovered as a successful treatment program for those struggling with depression and has now been modified to help treat those overcoming addiction. In fact, CBT helps to treat co-occurring disorders by teaching new coping skills that decrease the probability of relapse. This treatment program is successful individually or with a collection of other treatment approaches. We find that is most effective at getting to the root of triggers and managing stressful environments.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was a treatment developed to treat suicidal patients by placing an emphasis on a purpose for their life. These techniques have been modified and found to be greatly successful when employed in aiding those struggling with substance abuse. DBT works as a motivator to foster change in an individual’s lifestyle. This change is learning to practice self-acceptance that discourages actions that negatively impact one’s well-being. It teaches patients that they deserve to be happy and to put themselves and their first. Even further, DBT teaches grounding techniques that alleviates symptoms of chronic anxiety and depression. This ability relax helps clients to cope with self-destructive urges and impulsive reactions to external circumstances. These skills help the patient to grow and overcome substance abuse in a long-term manner. Just One Recovery strives to provide the tools to make sobriety last.

Relapse Prevention Training

The primary goal of substance addiction therapy is to equip the patient with a defense against relapse. Relapse prevention training (RPT) focuses in on teaching the patient practical devices to overcome the temptation that is brought on by daily triggers and stressors that can compromise one’s sobriety. This type of treatment may continue on beyond individual treatment and into group therapy sessions where an accountability partner can be an extremely effective tool in warding off relapse. It is important to realize that you are not alone in this battle, and Just One Recovery is here to help you every step along your journey to sobriety.


For some people, a spiritual approach to recovery can hold far more weight than any other type of treatment. Faith-based recovery facilities provide all the same treatments as general rehab facilities, and in addition, provide a spiritual motivation that can reinforce the encouragement of that individual.  The patient can begin the road to recovery alongside people of similar faith backgrounds, further motivating them to seek better for themselves.

Although we treat patients of all backgrounds, Just One Recovery is a Christian rehab center that offers spiritual reinforcement throughout the recovery process. We often find that individual faith and determination is a catalyst for overall recovery success. Just One Recovery is owned and operated by believers and practitioners of the Christian faith. As Christians, we believe that every life has value and purpose, and this love and compassion flows out towards our patients as a result. Are facilities are not exclusive to individuals of faith. We are more than happy to help individuals of all backgrounds. However, we do encourage our patients to seek divine comfort and healing as an aid in their recovery in addition to their other various treatments.


It is crucial to fully understand why and how individual therapy is operated to maximize recovery success. Individual therapy is completed by the efforts of a mental health professional to get to the root of an individual’s problems and to devise a plan of treatment to overcome the addiction. These private sessions help to give insight into the origin of the addiction, tools to overcome the addiction, and a greater sense of self overall. These sessions can be held one on one as many as several times a week to provide the patient with the support system that they are going to need. In general, these sessions last from 45 minutes to a full hour, depending on the capacity of the patient’s needs. Regardless, it is generally recommended that the patient attend at least one meeting a week to receive the full benefits of such a program.

Individual therapy, like all therapy treatments, is not always the most successful option for every individual. Thus, an individual therapy program is often modified to accommodate the patient’s needs. The therapist knows exactly what questions to ask and how to formulate healthy answers that will lead to long lasting results. Below is a list of the common topics covered in an individual therapy session as noted by Just One Recovery’s staff.

Their Progress in Rehab

It is not uncommon for patients to want to know where they stand in the wake of an ongoing treatment program. Patients that desire this type of information often benefit from the structuralized approach of a 12-step model.

Personal Obstacles to Recovery

It is undeniable that for most patients, the first obstacle is to overcome withdrawal symptoms. Just One Recovery can provide medical detox to help the patient overcome the withdrawal symptoms that often lead to relapse. Another commonly voiced obstacle is often the patient’s family and friends. In situations where the family or friends might be creating an environment that is fostering the addictive behavior, it might be most suitable to receive your individual therapy through the enrollment in a residential treatment program. Regardless of the issue, our therapists will help you to get to the root of the problem and tackle addiction head on.

Goal Setting

Every therapy session will come to a close by setting goals for the next coming meeting. Just One Recovery believes in overcoming addiction one action at a time and goal setting is a clear-cut way to ensure that the patient is continually striving toward sobriety no matter the small step forward. These goals can include staying clean for a certain amount of days, coming to a specific number of meetings, overcoming a particular trigger, or even trying a new activity that promotes relaxation. No matter what the goal is, it is a great benefit for the patient to be continually looking forward to all of the improvements they can make. In some programs, there are even tangible tokens given that are proven to motivate the patient to stay on the right track.

Looking at recovery from this contemporary perspective is what makes recovery a collaborative process. The therapist is not in the place to condemn or criticize, or even to tell the patient what to do. Instead, the therapist is there to guide the patient through the steps of recovery at whatever pace and to what degree the patient desires. Rather than utilizing the more aggressive and confrontational forms of therapy, Just One Recovery embraces a focus on developing self-esteem and self-efficacy that makes sobriety a long-term commitment of worth.

Finding a Qualified Therapist

At Just One Recovery, all individual and group therapy programs are led by a professional therapist that has had extensive training in substance abuse treatment. It is crucial that this individual understand the psychological issues that coincide with substance abuse such as obsessive thoughts, compulsive behavior, guilt, regret, depression, and cravings, all of which require great attention and experience to help manage alongside the addiction. The therapist who leads these various programs may possess one or more of the following credentials: Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Marriage and family therapist, Substance abuse counselor, Addiction treatment therapist. It is important to ask a facility for these qualifications before entrusting them with your treatment. We assure you that Just One Recovery takes great measures to ensure that you are only being treated by experts in their field. Any therapist’s credentials should meet the qualifications of the state or national board of that region. It is also necessary that on top of their specialized field of treatment that they also be trained to handle a wide variety of co-occurring illnesses that might stem from or coincide with the addiction.


If you are still unsure of what to do next, we greatly encourage you to give us a call and allow us to answer your burning questions. Every call you make is 100% confidential and free of charge so that we can get you answers. Calling Just One Recovery is the first step to obtaining the help that you or your loved one so desperately needs. Let us help you better understand your options, the overall process to recovery, and how it may save your life or the life of someone you know and love. Our staff is waiting and eager to speak with you and get you or your loved one on the right track to recovery. We will walk you through the process and inform you of everything you will need to know along the way. If you prefer, spend a moment and drop us an email. Take the action today and begin down a path that leads to miracles, hope, and recovery. You can reach us today at 714-538-8085 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will help you get you back on your feet.