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Dustin Stier

“ This program has been drastically different than any other program I have been to. I had the time and space to work on my self mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. I don’t know where I would be in life without it.”

Ron Mckinney

“ When I arrived at Just One I was homeless and broken. Thanks to God, Jamie and the staff at Just One I’ve been able to accomplish many things in just two and a half years. Most of all I’ve learned who I am; and have my family back in my life. For this I am truly grateful.”

David Webb

“Just One saved my life; and gave me the tools in recovery to become a better person.”

Zack W.

" In April of this year our youngest experienced a psychotic break and was hospitalized as a result of taking several drugs that caused a life threatening serious hallucinogenic episode. What became evident during the following process is that our God was protecting him in spite of the situation he had placed himself in.

After the hospitalization it was evident that he needed to deal with his addictive behavior and get some help. After the first 30 day treatment program it was also clear evident that the core issues were still buried, it was at this point that I realized God was continuing to direct the treatment process for Zach. Through the gracious efforts of Matthew Cork, Dan Stoner and his son Brian who incidentally had taken an interest in Zach as a mentor, opened their drug treatment program earlier than scheduled to specifically help Zach as he was being released prior to the official treatment program's scheduled opening and needed a place to go.

It was through this program that we met Jaime who became the guiding light to help Zach understand the serious nature of his past decisions and resulting consequences. Although Jaime was an unknown entity to us at that time prior to Zach entering this new and untested program, Jamie graciously took the time to meet with Nanci and I to explain and help us understand how the treatment of addiction was a complex and painful process. His many years of treatment experience and instant credibility in my mind as knowledgeable in the treatment of addiction was readily apparent. He was able to help us understand that while Zach may be the focus, the entire family was to be involved to improve and correct and improve family functioning.

As we enter the fourth month of intensive counseling individual for Zach and group counseling for the family, Zach is emerging as a more confident Christ centered individual who seems to have found his way in life. While they will be many challenges ahead for Zach he now has the understanding and tools to move forward and deal more effectively with life and its challenges.

Without the leadership, guidance and personal investment and caring of all previously mentioned individuals not the least of which is Jamie, we are indebted to Jaime for his understanding and persistence in developing the treatment plan for Zach and driving his development and rehabilitation. "

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