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" It is my great pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend Jamie to any person suffering from addiction to alcohol or any other drugs who is seeking treatment for their disease. "

Elaine And Steve///Lake Tahoe

“ My husband and I feel we have a new son with a new life ahead of him. The best part is my son feels the same way. We were so fortunate to have found Jamie. I truly feel he has a special gift that allows him to reach people and show them a way out of their misery. ”


“ I'm back home now and no longer a prisoner of drugs. I can go on vacation and business trips without having to quit for a few days and feel like crap. I enjoy all the small things in life that I used to take for granted. Before I would wonder why people liked the small stuff, the only thing that was fun to me was getting high. But once I got clean and started working my program, I realized the small stuff is what makes life so damn good. I can't thank Jamie and his staff. ”


" Jamie and his staff was a miracle for me. It is a NO B.S. program! After working with Jamie I went back home and am well on my way to fixing all of the problems I had. I am now talking with my brother, the one I was never to talk to again! This is the first time in life that I really am happy and sober! I am so lucky to have this second chance! But it is not luck; it is working the simple program that I was taught! "

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