At Just One Recovery, we offer a full spectrum of treatment services.


Individualized for you

The individual needs are first assessed during intake and continually monitored and re-assessed throughout their participation in the program. We work in tandem with our clients to effectively assess their strengths and needs. This allows us to develop a treatment plan which is designed to reduce or eliminate emotional, behavioral, and situational obstacles to recovery. It further enhances his or her skills and abilities to become a self-sufficient and productive member of society.



Genuine Care

Our genuine care is felt throughout the entire treatment process. We make the most of every day and every hour to ensure that our clients are working down a solid road to recovery. Our client's progress and their individual needs are continuously evaluated and assessed throughout the treatment process. Modifications are regularly made to both the treatment plans, as well as for continuation care/discharge plans. The duration and techniques of services correspond to the custom tailored individualized treatment plans.



One on One Counseling

Counseling is a one on one process, conducted by the client's designated counselor. Depending on the length of treatment and level of care, counseling sessions may initially be scheduled several times a week. As with all aspects of our patient care, this is re-assessed continuously. While the client progresses through treatment, the frequency of sessions may be enhanced or reduced. We utilize our time in session to focus on the treatment problems and goals as outlined in the client's treatment plan.

Getting to the root of addiction

Our clients are guided and assisted in addressing significant issues that are critical to the maintenance of their personalized recovery plan. This is performed through an integrated approach which utilizes a plethora of techniques, ranging from our holistic approach to a 12 step model. These approaches are augmented with additional strategies, including, but not limited to: individual and group counseling, education, intra and inter-personal skill development, and relapse prevention training.