Family members are often the unfortunate victims of drug and alcohol abuse.

TO the Family…

Dealing with the aftermath of addiction is not solely for the addicted individual, but rather for everyone that has been dramatically impacted. To watch a loved one suffer from a disease, which in essence is a slow form of suicide, is heart wrenching. The broken trust and sadness, which all family members are forced to endure, lead to pain and suffering. The family members must now focus on healing old wounds, and build new bonds of trust. They must let go of resentments and anger, which may be well warranted, but now only hinder the recovery process.

This is a sensitive time for family members who are impacted by the problems caused by the active drug or alcohol use of a loved one. We are here to help, every step of the way. From the moment you make the first phone call to aftercare follow-up, we provide group and individual sessions. We offer a wealth of resources, including information on outside support groups.

With open and honest communication, guidance and support, relations can and will get better. We will be here to assist the family in processing their own feelings. We will help develop appropriate boundaries, which aid in healthy interactions with a recovering family member or a family member who has not yet begun the path to recovery.

During this process, you will be provided with education and a support system. Alcoholism and addiction affects the entire family. The caring staff at Just One Recovery will serve you to better understand these addiction issues. We strive to make the whole family communicate better, functional well, and above all, live happily together.