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At Just One Recovery Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services, you do not come in the door with a specific date to depart back into society. This is determined at a time when the client has developed a set of living skills needed to manage a new life of recovery. We understand the demands and difficulties that exist in mainstream society. It is our life and our passion to help every person who enters our care to achieve their own goals in both recovery and life. You can help this dream become a reality.

Your donation allows Just One Recovery to dedicate exceptional care to our clients with all elements of recovery. We use the holistic approach mind, body and spirit into our client's recovery process. We have been serving our clients successfully at our facility located in the downtown Orange, California area. We offer a wide variety of treatment services, which are tailored to each individual’s needs. Our care begins the moment you step onto our luxurious property, continues throughout your stay, and thereafter through aftercare services. At Just One Recovery, we provide treatment services to adult men and women, 18 years and older.

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We also partner with local businesses and non-profits to reach our goal of providing exceptional care in all areas of recovery. If you are or you know of a business or non-profit that would want to partner you can email all business inquires here.

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