Let’s be honest; no one wants to call a drug rehab center and leave a voice message or talk to auto-attendants. When it comes to your rude realization that your spouse is a drug addict, for example, you want to call a rehab center and speak directly to the most qualified medic/counselor on sight. The same applies when your son is on the verge of relapse, and you are in desperate need of professional help.

One simple reason why you should use an answering service for your drug rehab center is to ensure that clients talk to a live person and get the much-needed essential assistance with call transfers, inquiries, appointment booking, and more.

Drug rehabilitation centers offer a delicate set of services. It is easy for patients, clients, and customers to get frustrated and hang up when they cannot reach a qualified representative. If your center lacks the workforce needed to handle calls during working hours and after-hours, you can enjoy reliable solutions by investing in a professional medical answering service.

Insufficient Customer Service Facts and Statistics

Good customer relations go a long way to ensure your business maintains a solid reputation and client base. Drug rehabilitation centers specifically depend highly on referrals that are only assured if customers are offered the best experience right from the moment they call a facility for the first time. While it is true that answering services are an expense you can do without, their cost is too minimal compared to the benefits your business will enjoy.

Let’s take a look at the facts and statistics of poor customer service according to research conducted by credible organizations, including Forbes, Harris Interactive, Consumer Reports, and American Express.

  • About 67% of clients want to talk to a real person when they call any business, including rehabilitation facilities. If this is not possible, they hang up out of frustration and quickly call the next promising competitor.
  • Over 72% of callers will not bother leaving a message if they cannot reach a real person.
  • Even though automated systems help to sieve and redirect calls accordingly, about 75% of clients hate the long wait required to reach a live representative.
  • In about 7 seconds of contact, a prospective client will have formed the first impression of your practice. Whether they will still want to seek your services or not after a call may depend on the image they get and their overall experience.

What Do  Drug Rehabilitation Center Answering Services Do?

Answering services work pretty much like in-house receptionists. While they are somewhat similar to call center services, they differ in that answering agents are thoroughly trained to provide more personalized customer care. You can expect the agents to promptly pick calls from your clients and set appointments, manage basic and complex help desk issues, answer questions and so much more.

The support offered includes:

  • Top-notch customer care 24/7/365
  • Live answering, routing, and dispatching of call overflow.
  • Call screening and case by case prioritization.
  • Appointment scheduling (organizing your work calendar)
  • Live chat support.
  • Lead capture.

Tips to Help You Determine the Level of Service Your Rehab Center Needs

Answering services can be exceptionally beneficial to your rehab center once you determine the right level of service. The best service providers offer customized plans to ensure that the specific needs of their clients are met.

Here are some primary considerations to make when choosing a service package:

Do You Need Call Filtering?

Even in drug rehabilitation centers, some calls are more urgent than others. It remains imperative to decide whether you want to answer specific calls as soon as they are received. The calls you want to receive can be directed to you or other staff members through call filtering.

The agents focus mainly on less urgent calls, where crucial information is collected and added to your calendar. You can review the information when you are not busy and decide on the best way to offer personalized assistance to your callers.

Is After-Hour Support Necessary?

Another vital consideration to make is whether you genuinely need after hour phone answering support. Most drug rehabilitation centers offer round-the-clock assistance. It could be that you are losing out on major business if your clients can only reach you during official working hours.

To make an informed choice, consider whether you can process day-time calls in-house without the need for an answering service. If you can, then perhaps all you need is help to answer calls that come in after-hours. Remember that clients always want to speak to a person, irrespective of whether they call your office during the day or night. It’s even arguable that most people want to reach an office representative after-hours because this is when most emergencies happen.

A drug rehab center answering service can help you appear more established by providing 24-hour support, 365 days a year. This will ensure that your operations don’t stop even after your office is closed, during public holidays, and over the weekend.

How About Call Overflow Management?

Call surges are common during certain seasons or right after major marketing campaigns. Depending on your drug rehabilitation center’s size and your regular operations, you may sometimes find yourself receiving more calls than you can handle. Again, this is a concern that can be addressed by the right answering service.

Simply because you have an in-house team to handle your calls does not necessarily mean that you don’t need answering services. The last thing you want is to lose business during pick seasons. It is possible to choose a service package where answering agents manage only your call overflow.

Do You Need Special Answering Service Solutions?

Answering service companies use state of the art software to ensure their services pack a punch. For instance, you can benefit from special programs designed to help with:

  • Call recording
  • Appointment setting
  • Managing emergency calls
  • Taking messages, etc

Note that not all companies need these services. However, they can be included in your tailor-made service package to ensure your drug rehabilitation center’s unique needs are met.

Guide for Choosing a Suitable Pricing Model For your Drug Rehabilitation Facility

Once you have determined the level of service you need, it is time to select a pricing model ideal for your facility. Answering service plans are not created equal. Even though your needs will play the leading role in dictating how much you will pay for a service, you can also cut costs by ensuring you settle for an ideal pricing model.

Let’s have an in-depth look at the four main pricing structures used by drug rehab center answering services:

Pay By the Minute

This is an almost perfect billing structure for facilities that don’t receive too many calls. With this kind of package, you could arrange for a model where you pay a flat rate for a specific number of minutes. The plan makes it pretty easy to find a package whose rates are equivalent to the level of service your practice needs.

Pay Per Call

This model involves settling a flat rate for each call received, irrespective of its duration. Therefore, you are billed based on the volume of your inbound and outbound calls.

For you to ensure you will get a fair deal, find out what is considered a connection. Additionally, you must ask about the charges that apply for disconnected calls and wrong numbers. It also makes sense to confirm that the agents will not rush through the calls merely to boost their profits.

Monthly fees

Another valid option to consider is a model that allows monthly billing. With this, you will be paying for subscriptions where a specific package offers a particular number of minutes, and you pay a fixed rate for any extra minutes beyond the threshold of a plan.

Whether this model will suit the needs of your rehab center or not will highly depend on the volume of calls you receive monthly. In some cases, flat rate pricing can be a deal-breaker, so you need to be careful before committing to a plan.

Tiered pricing

Tiered pricing is when a model offers different service levels, and the higher the level, the higher the cost of answering services. In case you are not sure about the level of service your drug rehab center needs, this may be the most suitable plan to choose. If the lowest tier plan doesn’t meet your needs, just move to the next tier.

Understanding How an Answering Service Can Enhance the Reputation of Your Rehab Center

When someone searches for assistance with a drug or addiction problem, there are certain things they will prioritize. Of course, they will consider the kinds of cases you typically deal with and your overall level of success in treating patients with specific concerns. Additionally, they will assess your standing within the area and the image you have managed to maintain over the years.

Drug rehabilitation centers, just like other types of treatment centers, offer a delicate set of services. Patients want to be assured of benefiting from the expertise of a team that genuinely cares about their well-being. While a strong reputation takes years to build, you can create a credible status in the minds of your clients instantly by merely offering top-notch customer care.

Here are ways an answering service can help to spruce up the reputation of your drug rehabilitation center:

Maintain a Caring and Credible Image

Battling with drug problems and addictions, in general, is hard enough. People seeking treatment for themselves or for a loved one need assurance of depending on professionals who genuinely care about seeing them heal. Certainly, recovering from addiction takes some weighty heavy lifting, and patients cannot take breaks after-hours or even during the holidays.

That said, a simple way to portray a credible image is to be there for your patients at all times. While it is not practical for you to work throughout the year, an answering service can help you set the image that your facility takes no breaks from helping their patients. When callers reach a live person at the oddest moments, this will leave a better first impression.

Honor Existing Clients by Offering Stellar Customer Care

Offering excellent customer care and attracting new clients is good. It is equally vital for you to work on ways to keep your existing clients comfortable and happy. After all, it is the existing clients that spread the word about the good or bad quality of services you offer.

A simple way to show that you value your existing client base is to ensure they can speak to a live representative each time they call to schedule new appointments, ask questions or even seek changes in their treatment plans. When their calls are answered quickly, courteously, and professionally, they get the impression that you have a team that works round the clock just for them.

Drug rehab centers are busy with practitioners and the support staff working hard to cater to different patients’ unique needs. It is easy for some clients to get forgotten or even misplaced, especially if they are left with no option but to leave a voice message. With an answering service, all client calls are answered, and urgent matters are directed to the right individuals immediately.

Delegate Tasks and Free Up Practitioners

If you run a busy rehab center, the last thing you want is for your practitioners to have to divide their attention between answering calls and catering to your patients’ needs. An answering service takes one task off their hands, allowing them to focus solely on the pressing matters. This also creates a healthy working environment that can, in return, enhance the overall productivity of your workers.

While most people understand the benefits of an answering service, they don’t know how it affects their reputation. In case you struggle to maintain a credible image, have a low customer retention rate, or your practitioners are frustrated with too much work to handle, it could be time for you to invest in an answering service. Your investment will have a direct positive impact on your operations and reputation.

Working With a Drug Rehab Center Answering Service

There you have it; a post dedicated to helping you understand why you should use an answering service for your drug rehab center. We have covered everything from the assistance you will receive, how a service can enhance your reputation. We have also covered how to choose the level of service and pricing model ideal for your center. If you have additional tips to share, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.