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We understand that selecting a treatment facility is a difficult and often confusing decision. We wish to make this process easy for you and your family by opening our doors, and our hearts, to you.

We have been serving our clients successfully at our facility located in the down town Orange, California area. We offer a wide variety of treatment services, which are tailored to each individual’s needs. Our care begins the moment you step onto our luxurious property, continues throughout your stay, and thereafter through aftercare services. At Just One Recovery, we provide treatment services to adult men, 18 years and older.

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Treatment Options

The first step to recovery is realizing that you do not have all of the answers. Fortunately, you do not have to walk this path alone. Our clients are guided and assisted in addressing significant issues that are critical to the maintenance of their personalized recovery plan.

This is performed through an integrated approach which utilizes a variety of techniques, ranging from our holistic approach to a 12-step model. These approaches are augmented with additional strategies, including, but not limited to: individual and group counseling, education, intra and inter-personal skill development, and relapse prevention training.

For most, the recovery process begins with detoxification: the process of eliminating drugs from the body’s system. This is often the most intense aspect of recovery as it is an observable change in one’s physical health. It is important to detox in a supervised setting in order to manage withdrawal symptoms that occur when someone abruptly stops consuming drugs or alcohol. The symptoms of detox can vary greatly with every individual. With most cases, it depends on the type of drug and the degree of consumption to determine how long the detox process will take. Just One Recovery will use medications and alternative comfort measures to make former users comfortable throughout the process of removing the drugs from their body.

Detoxification can be scary and fatal if not done under medical supervision. Recovery from addiction is not easy. It is going to require strength and determination to pursue long-lasting sobriety. The good news is you will not be alone in this pursuit. Just One Recovery will put you in touch with individuals who are going through or have experienced similar circumstances as you. Your recovery depends on your willingness to participate in the services we offer. We will provide you with all of the resources you will need to overcome your addictions, but it is up to you whether you take on the challenge. We will do everything we can to lift your spirits and keep you directed towards the right goal. If you open your mind to our treatment options, we will not give up until we get you to the place you desire to be.

Inpatient rehabs are facilities created to treat patients in all aspects regarding their addiction recovery. During this type of rehab, the patient will be placed in a substance-free housing along with fellow recovering addicts with a schedule intentionally structured towards supporting recovery and healthy lifestyle choices. In this type of center, the patient will receive around-the-clock treatment from medical professionals and licensed psychologists. Inpatient rehabs are the most recommended option for those battling with enduring addiction. Just One Recovery specializes in this type of treatment and can keep up with the greatly needed personal care. We find that this a vital resource in developing relationships with fellow patients on the path to healing. It further protects the individual by giving them supervision during a critical time in their recovery. Most importantly, it reminds you that you are not the only one struggling with addiction. We can all recover and encourage each other together.

Outpatient rehabs are similar to inpatient care centers in that they offer the same treatments and therapies that are needed in overcoming substance abuse, however these facilities allow patients to continue living at home throughout their recovery process. This rehab option is suitable to those who are not suffering from more chronic addiction, as it enables them to continue working and providing for their loved ones. It is important to keep in mind that without the efforts of an in-house treatment center to censor the patient from outside influences, it is possible that this option can lead to triggers that can undermine the patient’s sobriety. They will be required to attend scheduled sessions during the week, but it will be up to them to overcome the influences of everyday life and avoid substance use. This type of recovery requires individuals with a strong personal motivation to live a sober lifestyle.

One on one counseling is conducted by the client's designated counselor. Depending on the length of treatment and level of care, counseling sessions may initially be scheduled several times a week. As with all aspects of our patient care, this is re-assessed continuously. While the client progresses through treatment, the frequency of sessions may be enhanced or reduced. We utilize our time in session to focus on the treatment problems and goals as outlined in the client's treatment plan. We take great care in individualizing this process for every patient to ensure they are receiving the best care for their specific needs.

An intervention is when the loved ones of a person dealing with addiction confront them in attempts to turn their life around. An intervention specialist is often needed to ensure this tactic is taken without causing further emotional harm to the patient. The purpose of this treatment is to encourage the patient to attend a treatment program or to seek help. It is important not to use this opportunity for growth to shame or discourage the patient in their recovery process. That is why we encourage the patient’s loved ones to take great caution in utilizing this treatment option. The goal is healing above all else.

Sober living homes are the midway point between exiting an inpatient care center and becoming fully independent, returning to your normal life. These types of places are great for those who are ready to return home but need additional reinforcement to employ what was learned in rehab. Sober living homes offer people full independence and freedom while escaping the temptation of living in a substance filled environment. The recovering individual will be able to live with other individuals who are overcoming addiction, without the heavy structure and supervision of a rehab center. This makes returning to an everyday life a much easier transition.

During and after detox, medications are often used to alleviate any discomfort that the patient experiences throughout the process. These medications operate to help manage withdrawal symptoms, reduce discomfort, and to treat co-existing issues such as depression or anxiety. All medications will be supervised by a medical professional and used with great caution to ensure proper administration. Medication is only used to alleviate issues. We never want to add to the complexities of the recovery process.

For some people, a spiritual approach to recovery can hold far more weight than any other type of treatment. Faith-based recovery facilities provide all the same treatments as general rehab facilities, and in addition, provide a spiritual motivation that can reinforce the encouragement of that individual. The patient can begin the road to recovery alongside people of similar faith backgrounds, further motivating them to seek better for themselves.

Although we treat patients of all backgrounds, Just One Recovery is a Christian rehab center that offers spiritual reinforcement throughout the recovery process. We often find that individual faith and determination is a catalyst for overall recovery success. Just One Recovery is owned and operated by believers and practitioners of the Christian faith. As Christians, we believe that every life has value and purpose, and this love and compassion flows out towards our patients as a result. Our facilities are not exclusive to individuals of faith. We are more than happy to help individuals of all backgrounds. However, we do encourage our patients to seek divine comfort and healing as an aid in their recovery in addition to their other various treatments.

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Due to our commitment and genuine care and concern for our clients, our outpatient staff members are at your disposal for emergencies or any other urgent matter 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This level of dedication exists on all levels, as our clients have direct access to their counselor any time of day, night, or weekends.

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